Food & Drink

Island Noodles 

Hawaiian style Wok-fried Soba Noodles stir-fried with fresh garlic and 21 fresh vegetables.

Location: Amphitheater


Galley Boy, Hamburg, Cheeseburg, Double Hamburg, Double Cheeseburg, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Salad Boy, French Fries, Potato Teezers, Onion Rings

Milkshakes: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Peanut Butter

Bottled Pepsi products

Location: Amphitheater

Schloneger's Ice Cream 

Delicious, home-made ice cream, made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients, and rootbeer floats.

Location: Amphitheater Food Court

Shannon's Sweet Tea 

Fresh brewed Southern Style Sweet Tea.

Locations: Amphitheater, Beach

Artisan Coffee 

Hot Brewed Coffee, Cold Brew, Latte/Mocha (+ Optional Flavor) Made to Order, Chai Latte, Unsweetened Iced Tea, Pastries, 12oz Bagged Coffee Beans

Location: Woods Stage

D & M Grille 

Signature Philly cheese steak, fresh breaded chicken strips, 1/2 lb. cheeseburger, grilled chicken Philly, coconut shrimp, fries, and mozzarella/zucchini sticks

Location: Amphitheater

Honey Girl Donuts 

One donut: $3
Three donuts: $6
Six donuts: $10

Ott's Coffee 

Hot Coffee, Cold Brew, Cold Brew Lattes, Iced Chai Latte, Yogurt/Fruit Bowls and Parfaits, Pastries/Donuts

Location: Woods Stage

Dippin' Dots 

Flash frozen ice cream with several flavors.

Location: Amphitheater, Beach

Mac & Cheese Truck 

Mac & Cheese (choice of brisket, buffalo chicken or bacon), Tater Tots (choice of philly cheesesteak, chicken or bacon), Loaded Nachos (choice of philly cheesesteak, beef or brisket), Bottled Soda

Location: Amphitheater

Pizza Hut 

Oven fresh pizza made on site.

Locations: Amphitheater, Beach

This & That Frozen Yogurt 

6 flavors of self serve frozen yogurt with 30+ toppings.

Location: Amphitheater


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, fresh cut fries, cheese fries, chili fries, soft pretzel sticks with cheese, corn dogs, soda, water

Location: Amphitheater, Woods Stage

Kona Ice 

Shaved Ice in three sizes

Top selling flavors:
Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, Island Rush, Watermelon Wave, Tigers Blood, Mango, Treasured Strawberry, Lucky Lime, Ninja Cherry, Groovy Grape, + 20-30 more flavors.

Location: Amphitheater, Beach

Linn's Gyros 

Gyros, walking tacos, burgers, and fountain drinks

Location: Amphitheater

Rafter C Chuckwagon 

Smothered Texan Griddle Wrap, Tuscon Chicken Griddle Wrap, Outback Griddle Wrap, Rueben Griddle, Loaded Brisket Fries, Outback Loaded Fries, Sweet Southern Peach Tea

Location: Woods Stage

Holcomb's Classics 

Fresh kettle corn, caramel corn, cheese corn, & cinnamon roasted nuts.

Location: Amphitheater

Eat at Joe's 

Stromboli, frozen chocolate covered cheesecakes, soft drinks & brewed tea

Location: Amphitheater

Freund Family Foods 

Funnel Cakes w/toppings, Jumbo Corn Dog, Nachos, Fresh Lemonade (32 oz.), Soda (32 oz.)

Location: Main Stage

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