What are the festival dates and hours?
Alive Music Festival will be held on FRI-SUN, July 20-22, 2018.
Gates open at 9 am each day.
Campgrounds close on Monday, July 23 at 2 pm.
Attendees who are not camping must exit the park by midnight on the day they attend.

Where is Alive located?
Our festival site is located at Atwood Lake Park in Mineral City, OH. Atwood is a beautiful state park with a 1,500-acre lake, located about 30 minutes south of Canton. Once a year, Atwood Lake Park becomes home to one of one of the largest Christian music festivals in the country.

Are tickets available to buy at the gate?
Yes! All tickets are available to purchase at the gate and online throughout the festival. Our Ticket Gate closes at 9:30 pm each night of the festival. View our pricing schedule for all the discounted ticket deadlines.

Do you have any discounts for groups?
Yes! Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more on Full Event & individual day tickets. Click here to view more ticket info.

Is there a payment plan option?
Yes! Payment Plans are available for group orders of 10 or more tickets (single day or Full Event). If you’d like to take advantage of this option, please call us at (330) 966-0023. The last day to purchase tickets using the payment plan will be April 30th. See details below.

Payment Schedule if purchased between January 1st & March 1st:

  • Payment 1 (Deposit) – 25% due at purchase.
  • Payment 2 – 25% due Monday, April 2, 2018.
  • Payment 3 – 25% due Tuesday, May 1, 2018.
  • Payment 4 – 25% due Friday, June 1, 2018.

Payment Schedule if purchased between March 1st & April 1st:

  • Payment 1 (Deposit) – 34% due at purchase.
  • Payment 2 – 33% due Tuesday, May 1, 2018.
  • Payment 3 – 33% due Friday, June 1, 2018.

Payment Schedule if purchased between April 1st & April 30th:

  • Payment 1 (Deposit) – 50% due at purchase.
  • Payment 2 – 50% due Friday, June 1, 2018.

Are there junior or children’s ticket prices?
Yes! For children ages 5-10, Junior Full Event Tickets and Junior Good-Any-Day Tickets are available. Children 4 and under are free (unless purchasing a VIP Add-On). View more ticket info.

What are my accommodation options?
We have a few options available including tent camping, RV Sites, hotels, and more. View all accommodation options for Alive 2018.

Can I camp for one night only?

Camping is only available when buying a Full Event Ticket, which includes camping Thursday at 9am through Monday at 2pm. There are no camping options for one night only.

Do you offer any ticket discounts?
Yes! We have Pricing Deadlines throughout the year to help you save on tickets.

Is there a map of the 2018 festival?
Yes, there will be, but not yet! You can view our 2017 map & stay tuned for our official 2018 map as we get closer to the festival.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to Alive?
Yes, please bring your printed ticket to make entry into the festival as smooth as possible. You can also have your ticket available on your phone.

Will there by ATMs available?
Yes. ATMs can be found at the Ticket Gate & Marketplace tents.

What if there’s a medical emergency?
EMTs, First Aid stations, on-site ambulance service, and 24-hour Park Rangers will be at the festival.

Lost & Found

Lose something at the festival? Head to the Ticket Gate or Marketplace tents to see if your item has been recovered.

Please contact us if you have lost an item at the festival and we’ll do our best to help you out.

What’s the refund policy?
Alive is a rain or shine event.
All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. Your ticket is for the Alive Music & Outreach Festival, not for a specific artist. Artists and schedule are subject to change without notice. Artist cancellation is not grounds for a refund.

Does my ticket include admission?
There are only two forms of admission into Alive:
1. Full Event Ticket
2. Individual Day Tickets
All other Accommodations and VIP Add-Ons do not qualify for admission into the festival and must be accompanied accordingly with one of the two forms of admission listed above.

Is there any fee to park my car?
Yes. Parking costs $5 (cash only taken when you arrive).
VIP Parking is also available for $20 per day and can be a much shorter walk to the Amphitheater.

Can I help my friend/family member set up their campsite without a ticket?
Yes, we have temporary 2-hour passes available for those who are helping others set up their campsite/RV. In exchange for the temporary pass, we will hold your license at the Ticket Gate.

What time does the Amphitheater open?
Food Vendors & the Marketplace tent open at 12:00 pm and the seating bowl opens at 3:00 pm (that’s when you can place chairs, blankets, etc.).

What can / can’t I bring into the Amphitheater?
Each person, their belongings, and their vehicle are subject to search upon entry. Please view the list below to see what you can and cannot bring into the Amphitheater (where the Main Stage is):

YES food and beverages
YES small drawstring bags (i.e. those frequently given out in the Marketplace)
YES small, soft-sided coolers
YES small purses (smaller than large shoulder bags)
YES chairs
YES strollers
YES wagons

NO hard-sided coolers of any size
NO backpacks, shoulder bags or other large carrying bags that are not clear
NO large umbrellas that obstruct views
NO alcohol
NO illicit or illegal substances
NO weapons or explosives of any kind

Our preference and suggestion for all guests are to bring and use clear bags to carry items into the Amphitheater. This will allow us to maintain a safe and pleasurable experience for everyone. We do reserve the right to search belongings if we see fit and some exceptions will be made for medical use purposes only.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Can I bring my dog or pet?
No pets or animals of any kind will be allowed at Alive (except service dogs). You must be able to provide documentation or proof that the animal has been certified, trained, or licensed as a service animal.

Dogs are allowed at Standard Electric Sites only (except Area F). These dogs are only allowed in the Standard area and not throughout the festival area.

Can I ride my bike, skateboard, longboard, etc.?
Due to safety concerns, riding bikes, skateboards, and other similar transportation methods is not permitted at the festival. Thank you!

Is swimming free at Alive?
Yes! Swimming in our beautiful 1,500 acre-lake is free with your Full Event or individual day ticket.

Are boats available for rent while at Alive?
Yes. Rentals for pontoon boats, kayaks, paddle-boards, fishing boats and sport boats are available here.

My band wants to play at Alive. What do I do?
Check out our new Artist Showcase Competition! Signups are available until May 15th.

How can I contact Alive with any questions?
If you have any questions, get in touch with us.