Family Fun

Fun for the whole family!

Bring your kids to the Pavilion Stage each day for performances that are great for the whole family. While you’re not at the Pavilion Stage, kids can enjoy the music, swim and hang out at the beach, play at the playground, and so much more!

Outback Ray

Outback Ray has been performing animal shows since 1987 and has had a passion for animals since he was a child. He has appeared on television, radio talk shows and has trained animals for commercials. Not only does he do shows, he also breeds, trains and studies exotic animals. Through his show, Outback Ray shares his knowledge and the passion he has for exotic animals with his audience. He captivates you with his unique “family”, all while sharing fascinating facts about each one. Learning will be fun and exciting while you hold and cuddle with his amazing animals.

Tim & Amanda Cowles

Tim & Amanda have two goals in mind: Make you laugh, and show you Jesus.

It’s as simple as that. Most often, Tim & Amanda are reviewed by events as being able to hold the attention of multi-generational audiences, and of consistently weaving the message of the gospel throughout their program. You never have to worry that Tim & Amanda will add a quick Bible lesson onto the last five minutes of an hour-long set. For their children’s and family events, Tim & Amanda make use of illusions, object lessons, puppetry, and ventriloquism.

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