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Why Alive Is The Event Your Family Needs This Summer

Thirty years of doing anything is going to make you nostalgic. As I have thought back over the past three decades of Alive, my mind was filled with memories.

I started to wonder what some of the memories my children (now adults) had from their time going to Alive.

One of my kids would say it was waiting excitedly for TobyMac to take the stage, then singing every word through the entire concert with his cousins. Another would say it was taking a stroll through the campsites to see the incredible set ups people would create.

But one thing they would all agree on is that spending four days each summer at Alive made an impact on their lives they are still benefiting from today. It created and cultivated a foundation for their personal relationship with Jesus. It was the perfect example of what it means to live in a community with fellow believers–even if it was just for a few days. They were challenged to grow in their faith and able to experience worship with thousands of brothers and sisters in Christ. Alive is a tool that God used and continues to use each year to reveal Himself to our children. It came alongside what we were already trying to convey to our kids and reinforce the Gospel message in a unique and powerful way.



Bill and I are no longer in the daily trenches of parenting. The long days and the short years filled with overwhelming joy, deep frustration, incredible glimpses of victorious parenting and the disparaging moments of self-doubt. Of the many wonderful experiences that influenced my kids, I can say without hesitation how incredibly thankful I am that they were able to experience Alive every year. It fueled and continues to fuel their passion for serving Christ.

Of course, there are many incredible opportunities available each summer to encourage your kids in their faith. I am so thankful for that! However, if you find yourself looking for a way to set aside time with your family this summer and encourage your kids spiritually, I want to encourage you to bring them to Alive. Whether it’s camping with them for all four days or just coming for a day, you can be certain they will be presented a clear Gospel message every day, hear music that is filled with hope and encouragement, and be pointed to the Truth that sets us free. Not to mention, all children 10 years old and younger are admitted free this year at Alive.

These precious years you have with your kids are probably the most influential years of their lives and we hope you can make coming to Alive an opportunity to reap a lasting impact on you and your family!

For His glory,