Why Alive? | Alive Music Festival

Why Alive?

For the past 28 years, people from all across the country and different parts of the world have joined together for four days each summer to lift the name of Jesus at the Alive Festival. Sometimes I can’t help but think “that’s crazy!”

It’s easy to be amazed and overwhelmed by the thought of doing anything for over 28 years, and it is truly humbling and remarkable to think back over all of the incredible ways that God has moved and changed lives as a result of us choosing to gather together. In the big picture, festivals have actually been happening for thousands of years. Throughout the history of the church, Christians from different tribes and nations have gathered together to celebrate their faith in Christ and give glory to God. Gathering together with other believers not only provides a chance to praise God and equip the church but it is also an incredible opportunity to show the world that we are one. We may come from different denominational backgrounds, we may read different translations of the Bible, we may live in different parts of the world, we may be married or single, but we are ONE—brothers and sisters in the same family, and we will someday spend eternity together.

There has never been a more important time in our history than the age we are living, to come together and worship God publically in spirit and in truth. We have the opportunity to show unity, reconciliation and healing to the world. We do not take that lightly. Breaking away for four days—or even one day—provides a unique occasion for all of us to build community with our fellow believers, to strengthen our faith, our relationships and challenge and encourage each other. It also provides us the place to bring searching friends and family and let them experience this life-changing truth as well. It is God’s spirit that turns our hearts, and there is just something about setting aside time for teaching, worship, fellowship, prayer and celebration that allows God to speak to us, to change us and to mold us into the men and women of God that He wants us to be. Many times when people find out we are involved with the Alive Festival they say, “Oh I’ve heard of that”, or “I know someone that goes to that”. Our hope and prayer this year is that we can encourage all of those people that have heard about Alive to attend Alive and become a part of this community. We have something to celebrate! Please join with us and help us spread the word as we seek to grow the kingdom of God through the ministry of the Alive Festival!

For His Glory,

Kathy Graening