The Perfect Lineup - Part 2 | Alive Music Festival

The Perfect Lineup – Part 2

As I write this, our humble little Alive office is filled with the sound of music. In case you didn’t get the gist of part one of this blog and you’ve continued to wonder if there is any kind of science to actually booking a band for the festival, the simple answer is: YES!

We listen, we strategize, we think about the flow, the stages, the attendees, the quality and the diversity of styles. It’s definitely overwhelming at times but it is also really, really fun and an incredible privilege we do not take lightly. To sum it up, we passionately care about the quality and ministry of the music we put on any stage at the Alive Festival. We get so excited as we hear new artists, listen to their music, read their bios, their lyrics, their testimonies, follow their tours, and we become fans just like all of you do! We get so pumped thinking about introducing new bands to the Alive audience. We imagine how excited all of the attendees will be to hear the new artists we have carefully vetted out, knowing that God will be moving through these servants who have poured out their God-given gifts to the Author of them. Alive is so much more than a concert or a Christian jukebox, it is an experience that we want everyone to experience. As the beauty of the music and lyrics wash over me, I am inspired to dream a little bigger, to trust God even more with my hopes and my fears, to serve our King with more passion and abandon. Be encouraged and never underestimate the power great God centered music can have in your life. We live in a volatile world, where fear, confusion and uncertainly can come knocking on your door on a daily basis. But the good news is, we know how the story ends, and victory belongs to every believer in Jesus Christ. We have the opportunity to live victoriously every day. That is great news to not only bask in, but to share as well. So as this new year is about to begin, fire up your iTunes and start checking out some of the artists we are bringing to Alive. We are confident they will motivate you to seek first the Kingdom and inspire you, just like they are inspiring us!

For His Glory,

Kathy Graening